Do as I do: introduction

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Do as I Do is a new training method based on a dog’s social cognitive skills, particularly on their predisposition to learn from humans. With this technique, dogs will learn new behaviors observing and imitating their owners. Check it out with an introductory course, that gives you 3 unique lectures and the possibility to listen to the method authors. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with other community members – together we can train online!


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1 review for Do as I do: introduction

  1. Rani Anjum (verified owner)

    I think this first part of the course was very clear and easy to understand in theory. It helped to see the videos and hear of common mistakes. It wasn’t so clear to me how to teach the dog to do the trick in the first place, which is something I have struggled with. It seemed to me that one should perform the action for the dog first, until they learn it, but I got the impression that this was supposed to be the next step.

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