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PADA technician

takes care of technical issiues during PADA
  • Interest in dogs
  • Member of IAHAIO/AAII member organization
  • Recommendation letter from a highly recognized person in AAI
  • Visiting team course
  • Therapy team course
  • PADA Course

PADA leader

Works with the dog, conducts tests
  • Dog instructor with diploma/ICofAs Instructor course
  • Member of IAHAIO/AAII member organization
  • Recommendation letter from a highly recognized person in AAI
  • Visiting team course
  • Therapy team course
  • PADA Course

PADA evaluator

Assess dogs mentality, gives feedback
  • Ethologist, minimum 3 years of higher education(or equal education)
  • Member of IAHAIO/AAII member organization
  • Recommendation letter from a highly recognized person in AAI
  • Visiting team course
  • Therapy team course
  • PADA Course


Frequently asked questions

The PADA technician assists in facilitating the screening. The PADA technician will also be active in explaining what the owner should do, as well as the handling of the dog. The technician is subject to the PADA leader.

The PADA leader has the overall responsibility for the implementation, as well as informing the technician what and when to do the various elements. The PADA leader also fills in the form if a PADA evaluator is not present.

The PADA evaluator must assess the dog objectively, and fill in the final form after assessing the dog live or via video. The PADA evaluator must give thorough feedback to the owner about how the dog reacted to the various moments and how the dog is assessed. The PADA evaluator makes the final decision on whether the dog is suitable for further training, as well as what type of clients he/she is suitable to work with (After the dog has done PADA and bin recommended for further training, the dog and owner must complete theoretical and practical courses and then take a practical exam together.

Yes, if you can get a team of both an PADA leader and a PADA technician you can send in a video of the test and have an evaluator evaluate it. If one of you also are a PADA evaluator, you can do the evaluation yourselves. To use the PADA tool, you must be part of ICofA and by a licence of 50 Euro each time you screen a dog. 

Yes, if you later fulfill the other requirements, you can change your role. If so, you can just send in a CV and certificates to verify that you fulfill the new role. 

You do need to have some face to face training. You can attend one of the regular practical seminars offered by ICofA, and you can even host one of your own. ICofA can come to you. If so, you just need to pay travel and accommodations, as well as a fee of 500 Euro.

PADA team

Director of the Family Dog Project, Eötvös Loránd University. Head of Ethology, Eötvös Loránd University. Dr. Miklósi founded the Family Dog Research Project in 1994. As the first research group to study the behavioral and cognitive aspects of the dog-human relationship, the Family Dog Project is one of the largest dog research groups in the world. with over 75 published papers in peer-reviewed journals, and it is widely viewed as the formative research center for dog cognition. Dr. Miklósi's research interests span behavioral lateralization, animal learning and communication, and genetic determinants of behavior.
Ádám Miklósi
President of Animals for People Association. Graduate of Warsaw University, specialization in social policy and pedagogy care and upbringing with educational therapy. Educationist, sensory integration therapist, Animal Assisted Therapy instructor since 2005. Since 2017 licensed evaluator of Human-Dog teams in Pet Partners Organization (USA). Experienced therapist and educator in AAI with children. Since 2016 co-author of the dog-assisted therapy program for Alzheimer patients. Trainer in AAI courses for proffesionals. Co-author of international AAI handbooks.
Magdalena Nawarecka – Piątek
Magdalena Nawarecka
Co-funder of International Center of Anthrozoology, dr Christine Olsen has a master degree in ethology, higher education in special needs education and rehabilitation, and a PhD in public health focusing on animal-assisted interventions. Her research is frequently cited and is rated in the top 10% of all research outputs ever tracked by Almetric. Dr. Olsen is also a dog behaviorist and dog trainer, and screens dogs personality around the Europe. She travels with her lectures about AAI, dog mental test and animal welfare as a speaker on international conferences.

Christine Olsen
Christine Olsen
Line Sandstedt is managing director of the Norwegian Centre of Anthrozoology. She is a lector in science and a postgraduate in special needs education and coaching. Sandstedt is also a dog behaviourist and dog trainer, and screen dogs personality for AAI. Sandstedt gives courses in dog training both nationally and internationally. She is responsible for all of the education given by AZS, both dog training and training of human-animal teams. Line has worked for the organization since 2006.
Line Sandstedt
Line Sandstedt

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