How to navigate the page

  1. It works similar to Facebook, but most of the content is connected with AAI. The social network part of the site allows you to:
    1. Be up to date with the latest activity of other members
    2. See new posts and comments on discussion forums
    3. Share your posts – just like on Facebook!
    4. Like, comment, and interact with others!

These are people that you know and you have marked as your friends (connections). That will allow you to see all their activity on your private wall. Public wall (the place you find yourself after clicking on menu item) is a place where you can see all members activity and also discussions on forums that you have access to. 

You can use this option to follow (and have notification) about the activity of interesting members of the community. They do not have to be your “real life” friends – you may follow an expert, instructor, or person who posts nice pictures – you can choose for your own! You are followed by people who find you interesting to observe.

The best place to do it is the „Discussion” part of the website. It is a forum designed to make the discussion more structured and easy to find. You can also use the „search” option here to find an interesting topic.

Of course! Pictures, movies, and stories – both in the „Social network”, or in a discussion forum. A forum is a better place to share your experiences or questions – but it is always nice to illustrate them with the picture or movie.