Therapy/Educational team

· February 11, 2021

This course is addressed for professionals. To attend the course you need to have professional education and – together with your dog – complete visiting team training.

Course for professionals working at AAI. The training contains comprehensive knowledge in the field of therapy and education with dogs – the results of research confirming the effectiveness of this type of classes, and the experience of practitioners gathered in professional advice. There is a lecture devoted to the welfare of dogs based on the One Helth concept. It extends thinking about well-being, draws attention to it as a basic value, which testifies to the high quality of classes. The relationship between the well-being of the dog and the effectiveness of the classes is also shown. Thanks to the diverse experience of partners, a wide range of facilities have been presented and discussed.

You will meet the international team of experts, researchers, and professionals. During the lectures you will gain knowledge about:

  • Dog’s socialization
  • Dog’s mentality
  • Emotions in dogs
  • Learning and training theory
  • Engagement model
  • Welfare
  • Different Animal-Assisted Interventions in various facilities
  • Human-Dog Relationship in Animal Assisted Interventions
  • Tips on how to work with dogs & clients

You will also watch practical videos with training tips that are really helpful in training and during the intervention.

Learn from the best! Our speakers are:

  • Ádám Miklósi (Hungary)
  • Marie-Jose Enders Sledgers (The Netherlands)
  • Christine Olsen (Norway)
  • Line Sandstedt (Norway)
  • Mandy van Laar (The Netherlands)
  • Magdalena Nawarecka-Piątek (Poland)


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