International AAI Camp

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· February 9, 2021
Welcome to the international AAI training camp. This is a great opportunity to raise your qualification in the AAI field, certify with your dog and become a part of the international milieu. To become a certified Visiting or Therapy/educational team you need to complete online training before the camp. There is an International Visiting Course which is obligatory for the Visiting Team Certification and Therapy/Educational Course which is obligatory for advanced certification for the Therapy/educational Team. The camp will include a lot of dog training (5 hours every day), some workshops (2 hours/day) supervision (1 hour/day), and 6 hours of practical intervention training in a children’s hospital. Trainers and educators from different countries (Poland, Netherlands, and Norway) will share their experience and knowledge in the field of AAI. Participants will have a unique chance to know different ways of providing professional, good quality interventions with their own dog. The camp provides a fantastic opportunity to exchange experiences, discuss theory and develop a network of contacts with practitioners from different countries in Europe. Why you should attend the camp? Fantastic and professional dog training every day An interesting possibility to meet international experts Excellent opportunity to share your experiences A beautiful environment that helps you to grow Great chance to meet AAI professionals, practitioners, beginners and passionates – learn together, network and have fun! Perfect time to spend with your dog Camp price includes: All dog training classes Workshops Practical training in the hospital Accommodation in a 2-person room Meals Price does not include the transportation costs.   Prices: Training & Visiting team certification: 850 EUR Training and Therapy/educational team certification: 900 EUR Training without certification: 800 EUR Training and certification renewal: 790 EUR   There is a possibility to take an accompanying person with you. The price for the accommodation and meals is 41 EUR/day Dates: 26.07.2021 – 05.08.2021    

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