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International Center of Anthrozoology is an inclusive and dynamic alliance. Our goal is to build a social and professional network, to promote AAI in the international community, and to enrich people’s knowledge and skills in AAI.

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Meet our team – professionals who are driven and motivated to create this learning community an inspirational and enjoying source of knowledge.

Dr. Aubrey Fine - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Dr. Aubrey Fine - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Dr. Fine is a famous AAI practitioner and author of several books in the field. Dr. Fine received his graduate degree from University of Cincinnati in 1982 and has been on the faculty at California State Polytechnic University  since 1981. r. Fine is a licensed psychologist who opened his practice in Southern California in 1987. His practice specializes in treating children with ADHD, learning disabilities, developmental disorders and parent child relations.

Daniel Mills - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Daniel Mills - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Professor Daniel Mills is an authority on companion animal behaviour, cognition and welfare. He is an RCVS, European and ASAB recognised specialist in clinical animal behaviour, who has been developing and exploring new interventions for behaviour problems for decades. He is one of the leading scientists who explore the potential value of our relationships with animals.

Michael E. Kaufmann - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Michael E. Kaufmann - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Michael is Director at Sam and Myra Ross Institute Nature Based Programs at Green Chimneys. Michael Kaufmann has been actively involved in Human/animal Interaction Programs, Animal Welfare and in Humane Education for 30 years. In 2005 he joined Green Chimneys Children’s Services as Farm and Wildlife Director and in 2012 was named Director of the Sam and Myra Ross Institute at Green Chimneys, a program dedicated to education and research on the human connection to animals and the natural world. At Green Chimneys, he directs all aspects of the nature based therapeutic/educational programs and supervises the Institute dedicated to education and research on the human connection to animals and the natural world.


Ruth Newberry - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Ruth C. Newberry is a Professor of Ethology in the Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. She and her students have conducted studies on a variety of species including dogs, cats, pigs, goats, chickens, turkeys, clouded leopards, grizzly bears, laboratory rats and mice. Ruth serves on various scientific advisory committees that address animal welfare issues. She is a recipient of the Poultry Science Association’s Poultry Welfare Research Award and the ISAE’s Creativity Award.

Dr. Alina Rusu - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Alina is a well known researcher, a certified AAI-worker and a certified humane educator specialist. Alina has received her PhD title in Natural Sciences (Animal Behavior) in 2004 at University of Zürich, Switzerland. Alina Rusu is Associate Professor at the Department of Special Education and Fulbright Ambassador for the Romanian Academic Environment. Her professional and research interests are: animal psychology, humane education and the investigation of the applied values of human-animal interactions.

Claudia Fugazza - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Dr. Claudia Fugazza - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Researcher at the Department of Ethology in Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest). She is currently studying language learning and processing in dogs. Her past research also focused on dogs’ social cognitive abilities. She developed a training method called Do as I Do (named after Hayes & Hayes 1952 and Topál et al. 2006), which relies on dog’s imitative skills and has used it as paradigm to study dogs’ cognition. Due to its effectiveness, this method also spread in the applied field of dog training and she devoted part of her research to study its effectiveness.

Ádám Miklósi, DSc

Full professor and the head of the Ethology Department at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. In 2016 he was elected as a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is the co-founder and leader of the Family Dog Project, which aims to study human-dog interaction from an ethological perspective. In 2014 he published the 2nd edition of an academic volume entitled Dog Behaviour, Evolution, and Cognition by Oxford University Press.

Tracie Faa-Thompson - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Tracie is a specialist social worker in adoption working with traumatized children and their adoptive and foster families. She is a British Association of Play Therapists-registered play therapist who uses a mix of individual play therapy, filial therapy, and group filial methods. Tracie is a practice teacher of social work students and newly qualified social workers, and a trainer in Life Story Work and Attachment Theory.

Magdalena Nawarecka

is a pedagogue and sensory integration therapist. She is working in AAI since 2005, since 2008 as a president of polish "Animals for People Association". Co-author and leader of international AAI projects like "Human Dog Teams" and "Personality Assessment for Dogs in AAI (PADA). Dog trainer specialized in AAI training for human-dog teams. Practitioner, working with elderly patients and hospitalized children.

Line Sandstedt

She is a lector in science and a postgraduate in special needs education and coaching. Sandstedt is also a dog behaviourist and dog trainer, and screens dogs personality for AAI. Sandstedt gives courses in dog training both nationally and internationally. She is responsible for all of the education given by ICofA, both dog training and training of human-animal teams. Line has worked for the organization since 2006.

Dr. Christine Olsen

Dr. Christine Olsen

She has a master degree in ethology, higher education in special needs education and rehabilitation, and a PhD in public health focusing on animal-assisted interventions. Her research is frequently cited and is rated in the top 10% of all research outputs ever tracked by Almetric. Dr. Olsen is also a dog behaviorist and dog trainer, and screens dogs personality.

Nancy Parish-Plass - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Nancy Parish-Plass - Expert and Source of Inspiration

Nancy is an expert in the field of animal-assisted psychotherapy, with a specialization in psychodynamic psychotherapy, and in the context of interpersonal trauma. Nancy has a huge influence in the AAI field, and her publications are frequently cited.

Silje England Garshol

is a photographer and is the production manager of design, video, audio and graphic content. She also developes some of the courses.

Eivind Holm

Eivind is a dogtrainer with many years experience in AAI. He also does suitability assessment tests of dogs

International Center of Anthrozoology has an effective training and certification program, based on scientific research. We provide modern, a well-prepared training system, that gives human-animal teams knowledge required in AAI. This is the first in the world certification that was built by professionals from different countries (Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, and Estonia) with different backgrounds – scientific and practical.

Trainers and teachers have over a minimum 10 years of experience in AAI, some of them even over 25! Our courses not only provide the possibility to get knowledge and abilities in AAI – you will also have the opportunity to meet professionals from different countries, to exchange experiences, to inspire and to network.

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